Thursday, 2 June 2011

Youth group or Missional Community?

Today I have decided that I no longer run a youth group called x:cell. I'm there to equip a missional community made of teenagers (incidentally, called x:cell).

A youth group is often just a small group of people at secondary school and, too me, "small group" is just a euphemism for "holy huddle". Small groups are apparently there to develop people, but develop to what? Do the small groups change, grow, get out there and fulfil the Great Commission? Generally, no, they do not.

So what is different about a missional community? I'll let Jeff Vanderstelt and Caesar Kalinowski explain.

I do not want x:cell to be a holy huddle. I do not want them to be inward looking and ineffectual. I want them to be bold. I want them to proclaim God's glory where ever they go. I want the good news of the Gospel to be on their hearts and on their lips. I want them to be a missional community.

Quick Questions

  1. Are you fed up of holy huddles?
  2. Do you think the church has become ineffectual?

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