Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Resource Wednesday

I tried to a few series in my previous blog. It always ended badly. So, I'm probably going to need a bit of participation from you guys. Therefore, if you know any good online resources please let me know. They could be Bible study tools, sites with good videos or articles about Christianity. Feel free to just point me in a certain direction or write a guest post for me to put up.

I thought I'd start with a bog-standard one: It's always been a really helpful site and you'll often find me on it. I often use it to read commentaries on different passages, to see what the passage is in a different version or just when I can't be bother to reach for my Bible which is probably in my bag next to me. The key to youth-work is efficiency and BibleGateway is a really good way to quickly look up multiple passages, especially when they can be spread across the whole Bible.

BibleGateway, however, was a bit clunky and you sometimes had to go obscure routes to read the commentaries. This is no more, because, as of today, BibleGateway has gone Beta.

New look of

Apart from the fact that it just looks cooler, it's also much easier to use. You can set up parallel readings and view the resources for that passage (such as commentaries and dictionaries) along side it. I makes delving and investigating passages a lot simpler and makes it a lot more rewarding. I is an really accessible way to learn about the richness and complexity of the Bible.

But don't let me convince you, let Rachel Barach. Or give it a go yourself.

Quick Questions

  1. What do you think of the new look BibleGateway?
  2. What internet resources do you use?
The next one will be up in a fortnight.

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