Friday, 10 December 2010

Ungrateful faith

Whenever I buy snacks for the youth group someone will complain. Someone won't like the drinks, the crisps or it wasn't served at 23.5 degrees celcius. My response is always the same: it's free so don't moan. Be a bit more grateful.

However, I used to moan about the way I came to know God. My testimony is the "I was brought up in a Christian family..." type and I always felt it to be boring. It affected my attitude to having a relationship with God. When I heard amazing faith stories involving bank robberies, years of drug use or car crashes I would get angry. Why would God give them such exciting stories and not me? Why did they see the awesome power of God in such an obvious way but I hadn't?

Then one day I read Matthew 20:1-6. I realised I was like the workers who had agreed to work for a denarius but was envious because of the landlord's generosity.

I have received salvation. It's amazing. It's free. Stop complaining.

Quick Questions
  1. What flavour of crisps are most universally acceptable?
  2. If you're a Christian how did you become one (keep it short!)?
  3. How are you remembering your salvation during Christmas?

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