Thursday, 16 December 2010

Three reasons I may have to leave Mosaic

I mentioned in a previous post (this one to be precise) that I was in a clan called Mosaic. In the aforementioned post I said how excited I was about it . Since then things have taken a dramatic turn for the worse and I may have to leave the group. These are the three reasons:

They know too much
The group have managed to coerce certain information out of me that can be used against me. And used it is. There is a constant stream of teasing that flows in my direction. I get teased for my ineptitude at various things (Jenga, CoD, life) and my shamefully nerdy past (I used to read the dictionary as a child, okay?). I am a sensitive and delicate soul who would never think of teasing another person. I don't think I can take it for much longer.

The food
Mosaic seems to base itself around food. And don't get me wrong, the food is great. Really, really good. And that's the problem. Since we started meeting we have munched through mountains of pancakes, a pig's worth of bacon, our body weight in ice cream, colossal cakes, and a full-on Christmas dinner. I think it's killing me. I expect my GP will back me up on this one.

The conversation
There seems to be two things that currently define Mosaic: food and poo. One we eat and one we talk about (and hope to never mix it up). For some reason topic always seems to get onto talking about scatology. I don't know why it happens but I find the topic matter uncivilised and uncouth. Obviously, I never partake in such talk. We do sometimes talk about other things, such as the implications of being a community on our lives and how it affects they way we act out our vision. But we mostly talk about poo and farting.

Quick Questions:
  1. Should I run for the hills?
  2. If you're in a small group, what do you get up to?
  3. What do you think is the purpose of a small group?

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  1. This makes me smile soooooo much!


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