Friday, 31 December 2010

10 things I've learnt in 2010

So 2011 is upon us and 2010 has flown by like a Pegasus on acepromazine. This means that it's time for the annual sum up of what has happened.
  1. Don't say too much
  2. Especially if your clan will use it against you
  3. The church is almost missing a generation
  4. Salvation is free so don't complain
  5. God is sometimes treated like a banana
  6. Blessings and hardships are not mutually exclusive
  7. God shows his faithfulness
  8. God deserves to be worshipped whether you're in the mood or not
  9. God can whisper as well as shout
  10. Never trust me with papier-mâché
Quick Questions
  1. What lessons have you learnt in 2010?
  2. What was the high point and low point of 2010?
  3. What would you like to see in Yarns of a Youth Worker in 2011?

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