Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Church of Stuff

I like stuff. People like stuff. And therefore churches like stuff. You're not a credible church if you don't have at least a projector that displays Powerpoints, a cool banner, a cool website, lots of cool pamphlets, some cool artwork (preferably made from fabric on the walls), and a bass guitar. A good church, however has a Wii, a dance mat, sofas, a coffee machine, TVs (to show Nooma videos on, of course) and fairy lights. Because, as we all know that people like stuff, the more stuff we do have the more people will want to come into our church. This is stuffangelism.

It turns out though that Jesus wasn't a fan of stuffangelism. In Luke 9 he sends out his disciples. He makes some strange decisions. He doesn't stand there and say, 'Here are some pamphlets to give out. Here's one on divorce, another on homosexuality, and some on money, jobs, mums, dads, teenagers, grandparents...Just to get anyone you meet started, really. Here are some cool hoodies with our cool church logo on it. Yes, the text on the back is rather amusing, I know. I thought of it myself. Here are some cool wristbands with our cool website address on it. Yes, they change colour with your mood. Here are some give away iPods with Matt Redman tunes preloaded. No, there isn't any Tim Hughes on there. Also, here are some skittles...' Instead Jesus said, 'Don't take anything with you, just yourselves'.

We all know that Jesus did some pretty radical things, but this is rad-i-cool. This is like off of the scale. My personal thoughts is that Jesus only said that because hoodies weren't invented in those days and everything was written down on scrolls. Others have suggested, however, that it was because following Jesus wasn't about stuff and being tied to it. Instead it was about relationships and being free that the burden of stuff has on us.

Quick Questions
What is the most random thing your church owns?
What should be added to the list that every good Church should have?
Is there any object/thing in your life that you are tied to?


  1. This is hilarious - you're a great writer.

    Hmmm...I don't know about the most random. Maybe the lights that they wanted to buy with 'gift-day' money, but hardly anyone gave any money because they didn't like the idea but they still got them anyway and we use them once a year?!?!?

    I know Jesus says that the disciples shouldn't take anything but it almost feels different now doesn't it? We're 'competeing' against so many things with great advertising and fun places to hang out that you feel like you have to keep up. But I guess that's just us trying to do the work that only God can do.

    Are you going to get SCL to write a post on your site?!

  2. urm,,, random... I think everything is pretty unrandom- a parachute?
    add to the list- a good church should have CAKE :-) and lots of it- Jesus was into feeding people so I think he would agree on this one.
    object- my phone? maybe, but that's practical also, and I can easily live without it on holiday.

  3. Insightful blog entry! Completely agree.
    Every good church should have an anonymous 'feedback box' so the minister/priest can find out what his congregation is thinking!
    I'm kind of tied to my spaceheater at the moment, because it's so cold in my room...

  4. Random - not sure, we have a greengrocers shop which is quite random, but also very useful and nice. (And does home-made jam and chutney. Yum.)
    Adding to the list - I think all churches should have comfy seats. We don't have a building and so use a school hall so sit on school hall seats. I think sofas or at least nice soft chairs are a must.
    Addicted - to my laptop at the moment :( Wish I wasn't, but I'm writing my thesis and working full time, so it's that or explode. Haven't blogged in ages though.

  5. Possibly we might have a bouncy castle, probably not... but you know, if we dont, then we should definitely have one! (I mean, coz you always need a bouncy castle).
    I am definitely tied to my computer. Obsessed. Can't live without it. After this year, I may give up facebook for a time... that will nearly kill me I bet!


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