Friday, 6 July 2012

The highs and lows of youth work

I've just got back from my last "proper" session with my teens. There was only three of them, but it was nice. However, there is a story I have to tell because it sums up youth work (at least my experience of it) perfectly.

At the end, my volunteer leader, Marie (who is marvellous) suggested that the teens should pray for me. So they all prayed, thanking God for using me and for the impact I've had in their life. It was very difficult not to cry. I then prayed, thanking God for the blessings the teens had been to me. It was a beautiful moment; which was quickly ended when one of the teens, only seconds after I had uttered "Amen", said, "When Marie was praying, I coughed and I wet myself a bit."

Now that's a yarn and a half.

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