Monday, 9 July 2012

Philippians 3

This is a Bible Study on the third part of Philippians. I hope you're starting to love this book as much as I do.

Philippians 3
  • v 1 Rejoice! In the Lord: not in any human efforts
  • v 1-6 Where have we misplaced our confidence? Do we put too much in store in our own abilities, or when we do "nice things" for others?
  • v 7-10 Knowing Jesus is where we should put our confidence! Everything else is "rubbish".
  • Our righteousness comes from knowing the power of Jesus' resurrection and sharing in his sufferings.
  • v 12. We're not perfect. This is quite liberating, but doesn't give us an excuse to rest on our laurels. Paul tells us to press on towards the goal.
  • v 13. We can't be stuck in the past! Forget about it. Focus on what is ahead.
  • v 14 Our goal is heaven! Verse 20 tells us that we're already citizens of heaven.
  • v 18 Paul is deeply distressed about those who reject Jesus and live for their own desires.

Implications for Mosaic
  • Put all our confidence and reasons to rejoice in Jesus.
  • We need a "heaven-focused" view on life.
  • We need to live in a way that reflects we are citizens of heaven
 Quick Questions
  • What things are you rejoicing about at the moment?
  • Where do you sometimes misplace your confidence?
  • Are you a past/present/future focused person? 

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