Thursday, 11 August 2011

Soul Survivor Prep

It's that time of the year again! "What time?" you ask. Soul Survivor time. For the first week of August I went to Shepton Mallet to camp. Next week I'm doing the same.

As a teen I hope I somewhat appreciated all the work that went on behind the scenes to get the teens to Soul Survivor. The transport, the food, the tents, the equipment, the bookings, the medical forms all have to be sorted before we leave. For the most part the teens I'm taking have little idea how much work it actually is, so it makes me think that I probably should have appreciated the people who organised our trips more.

At the moment my room looks like an emergency rations storehouse. I've filled up my fridge with milk and sandwich fillings. And I've got to cook and freeze four meals.
Chicken Curry

I've been really trying not to get stressed about it and to rely on God. It's quite hard. Especially when this happens.

That was the sausage casserole for the second night. I was cooking it at about 10 last night and as I went to to put it in the freezer it slipped out my hands. Fortunately, I'm quite good in a crisis. I cleared it up, I ordered some more ingredients online and then I went to bed (not before taking photographic evidence of the event).

Quick Questions
  1.   Who did you take for granted as a teenager? Is there anyone you should say a big thank you to?
  2. Are you good in a crisis?

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