Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Resource Wednesday

This could be seen as a sort of book review, but I'm going to put it in Resource Wednesday anyway. It's not one of those linear, read-from-front-to-back books, it's more of a reference book. So that's how I'm justifying it.

Whilst at New Wine I hit the bookshop, and I came away with some new reads and my bank account quite a bit lighter.


One of the books I picked up was TouchPoints for Men. It's a book that collates verses by subject, from Goals to Temptation. It's already proved itself helpful, and I used it extensively when writing my next post (which is scheduled for Friday).

It's also a part of a series and there are TouchPoints for women, students, leaders, new believers and more.

Quick Questions

  1. What do you use when looking up verses on a particular topic?
  2. What resources can you recommend?

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