Thursday, 5 August 2010

Soul Survivor

Next Wednesday I'm off to Soul Survivor. I'm mostly excited but also a little bit nervous. I'm taking a group of teenagers, two of which are from my church and the rest are from my old church. It's been a bit stressful arranging transport, tents and food. Whilst I'm there, I'll be doing all the cooking. And then, when Soul Survivor Week B is over I'm going home for a long rest.

No? Oh yeah. I'm staying for Week C. I'm on the first aid team for Soul Survivor Week C, so that should be even more exhausting than Week B. I'm a little bit nervous because, with every first-aid cover, you don't know what you're going to get. There could be simple nosebleeds to the more complicated ones like open fractures. What I love about Soul Survivor is that they encourage you to use every opportunity you can to pray, whether on your own or with others, and this is true of working as a first-aider.

I should be tweeting regular updates from my phone throughout Soul Survivor, such as key points from any meetings or just what I'm cooking for dinner. So if you want to follow me on twitter, click here.

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