Monday, 26 July 2010

Velvet Elvis

I started this months ago. In February to be precise, and then my bookmark fell out. I'm one of those people that can never be bothered to reread passages in order to find where they got to. So, for five months, Velvet Elvis remained unloved, unread, not fulfilling the potential it was made for. At least it's not as bad as my experience with The Mill on the Floss. I started that three years ago and it still isn't finished.

Rob Bell is the pastor of Mars Hill Church in Grandville, Michigan. It's one of those megachurches that everyone loves to hate. So, perhaps this is the time for a confession. I like Rob Bell. Phew, I said it. I'm glad that's out.

I liked Velvet Elvis and I agreed with a lot of what is said. I think there were some bits towards the beginning I didn't agree with, but that was five months ago so forgive me if I don't elaborate. There are a lot of negative comments flying around about the book that I don't agree with. Some have said Bell is anti-gospel (their words, not mine. I'm trying not to use much jargon in this blog), but pages 138-147 deal with that; and he's anti-conversion (again, not my jargon. I should start up a jargon buster page, but can't be bothered), but he's merely saying we shouldn't just see people and people to be won over and arguments to be won but as people that have needs and should be cared for.

Okay, perhaps his interpretation of the Peter walks on water episode is a bit dubious, but not in a way that will make people fall of the bandwagon (in joke). It does give some justification to the claim that Bell's message can verge on that of individualism and ego-centricism, but his bits on community and generosity counter that.

There we go. I'm now reading The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience by Ronald J. Sider. Hopefully this wont take half a year to finish.

Quick Questions
  1. What are you reading?
  2. What do you think of megachurches?
  3. Do you think it's sad that I refer to a pair of my glasses as my "Rob Bell glasses?"

1 comment:

  1. 1. I'm currently reading lots of books, but not really reading any of them. One of them is "History of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict" which is really interesting but rather heavy and long. The other is Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King, which as my first King read, is really good.

    2. I'm not against megachurches in the idea that they are large churches, as long as a) they can serve the needs of all the people there and that b) they don't just become Starbucks-styley slick and commercial churches where the worship band looks like something from Glastonbury and they have videos which look like an in-company video for GlaxoSmithKline.

    3. No, but if you don't like that, maybe you should go for the Brains-from-Thunderbirds-glasses. That's uber cool.


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