Sunday, 1 November 2009

Tell me a little about yourself...

This is going to be one of those cheesy self-exploratory blog posts. No, no, stay. Keep the cursor away from that back button. I'm watching you.

Some people who read this blog and comment are people I know very well. They include my brother and my girlfriend. However, there are people I'm less closely connected to. Like my collegues sister-in-law, as one example. So, if you are stopping by I want to know:

  1. Your first name. We don't need to go into too many details. This is the internet people, we have to be careful.
  2. Your card details, including the last three numbers on the signature strip. No, not really.
  3. Your job/what you generally do with your life.
  4. Your favourite Bible character/book/verse/passage.
  5. What you favourite breakfast cereal is.
  6. A random fact.
So, I'm Thomas, my card details are (wouldn't you like to know), I'm a learning support assistant and a part-time youth worker, I really like the Book of Proverbs. I generally have coco pops for breakfast, but I am partial to porridge. My random fact is that I do not like to touch my wrists.

Now who feels like a 14 year old girl who fills out all those questionaires on MySpace or Facebook? I do. Hopefully I'll have something a bit more substantial soon.


  1. 1. Elizabeth
    2. Haha, no.
    3. I work in a secretarial/gopher position in the local library system. But my main focus is being a graduate student in library science.
    4. Psalm 139 is pretty awesome.
    5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    6. Bad grammar makes me very sad.

  2. I am Sarah, your colleague's sister-in-law :) I'm a PhD student (writing my thesis), an outreach manager for an organisation who promote science, technology, engineering and maths in schools and a volunteer youth worker for a church in Sussex. Currently my church is having a preaching series on the minor prophets and today's book was Hosea which was very interesting. I also like Hebrews. I don't eat breakfast cereal at the moment (I have yogurt instead), but my choice would be alpen and/or weetabix. A random fact is that a mouse's liver is new every 24 hours. All the parts are broken down and reformed every 24 hours. It's part of what helps keep mr mousey warm. If a human's liver did that then their body temperature would be well over 500 degrees C. Or if the fact should be about me then I let a member of my youth group wax my eyebrows a few weeks ago and until that point I was pretty scared about waxing.

  3. 1. My name is Stephen, but you already know that.
    2. My card details are 4812 9437 0048 9112, the name on the card is...
    3. I am an English-as-a-foreign language teacher in Southern Spain. I too dislike incorrect grammar as far as it hinders understanding, but generally I take the attitude that if lots of people do it then it's not a mistake, for example "10 items or less". Elizabeth R, did you also notice that Thomas missed an apostrophe?
    4. Hmm, I read some of Acts this morning and found it very inspiring. So much happened, it's incredible. But I also like the first few chapters of Genesis.
    5. My favourite breakfast cereal is probably Coco Pops too, but I also like muesli and Frosties.
    6. A random fact: the capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam according to the constitution, but all the government buildings and the home of the royal family are in The Hague. A random fact about me, umm, I don't know... I usually pass out at injections but survived the flu jab.

  4. It is too far to scroll up to remember which corresponded to which number.
    I like muesli made from only oats and branflakes and raisins for breakfast. Wouldn't say no to a few croissants either, mmmmmmm, or hash browns.
    I am a student so I "study"; life flies by and I don't know what I do with my time.
    Random fact--- hate these. always. I have climbed an active volcano tho, I think that is pretty great, but I guess it's not up to me to say that. It was hard and not worth it though so I have to use every opportunity to tell people I did it to somehow make it worthwhile :-)
    I like JC, he's the best, but otherwise David and the random guy that lives in a cave who JC crosses the water to see and heal/cast demon out of.
    Finally I'm K.

  5. I'm Rachael.
    I'm doing a gap year in Sheffield, doing children's and youth work, which is going well.
    I love the bible in general, it's awesome, powerful stuff. I find that different parts of it impact you at certain times, so it's all good. At the moment, I'm doing a bible course and it's very challenging. I really love the letters of Paul, John, Peter (etc) in the new testament and I really love the Psalms and Isaiah. Random fact about me... I have a phobia of the old fashioned victorian puppets. They really freak me out.


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