Friday, 11 September 2009

Stolen Shoes

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I think my youth group are warming to me. That is the only reason I can think as to why they are TERRORISING ME. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration. One of them threw a pillow at my face (admittedly it was a good shot), but I just turned the other cheek and didn't retaliate. Then they hid my shoes. I still haven't found who the culprits are, but when I do...let's say I'm thinking cold baked beans at the moment. It wasn't a happy moment. The last child didn't leave until half nine, so I definitely missed the 9:22 train home. Then I had to hoover etc., and then I discovered I had mislocated my shoes. Or someone else had mislocated them for me. It took a good 5 minutes of searching to find them. One was behind a chair, the other slightly squashed into a pile of cushions. I was worried I was going to miss the next train, which was delayed anyway so I was picked up at the station.

Also, my youth group has a website, so clickez ici for a look. About 30 hours (okay, 20; okay, 10; okay 5) has been spent on it, so constructive criticism must be constructive. It's still a work in progress.

  1. How would you punish such deviant behaviour? It has to be good. Real good.
  2. Any good links/material etc. for my website that you may know of? Remember criticism has to be constructive, happy criticism.
  3. Curried beans? That's just asking for problems.


  1. Had a lookie at The Way's website - we like! We want crazy youth worker photos on 'The Team' page tho... :oD

  2. Love the website, better than the youth bit we've got on our church website (, though I LOVE our term plan for the autumn).

    Might just be the formatting on the mac, but the upcoming events bit is all squashed up and I can't see the titles.

    I do particularly like the background. :)

  3. If you can find out who they were, I'd make them wear an embarrassing pair of the op' sex's shoes - could be difficult getting the right sizes and permition from the owner etc, if so, then be totally evil - offer them curried baked beans...

    Website - where should I start... PICTURES! of the team, and maybe of an event...?
    t'other than that it's really quite nifty :)


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