Friday, 18 September 2009

Boring blogger

Today I feel like the world's most boring blogger. Like seriously, if I had a wikipedia article about me (which I'd like to add, is one of my life time ambitions. There are two ways you know you've made it in this world: you have a wikipedia entry about you and you've been on Richard and Judy. Sorry, back to topic, if I had a wikipedia article about me...) it would have a bit in it like this: "his writings became popular with practitioners of Alternative Medicine, due to the strong sedation the reading of his works induced." It feels like everything I've got to write about is as boring as a conversation with that person that never reciprocates questions (you all know the type of person I mean). But I'll tell you about it all anyway.

At the moment I'm pretending to be working on the youth budget. I'm actually at work at the moment, but I've done more than my hours this week and won't be claiming overtime. I have no clue about writing budgets, or how much the church is willing/expecting to spend on the youth. I'm hoping for £25,000, but it'll probably be a tenth of that. I'm simultaneously researching films that are out and things that would be cool to do with the youth. I'm also trying to work out solutions to problems that we had last night (our first proper meeting). See, who said men can't multitask?

I think Louisa in the office has swine flu. So, me next, eh? If I don't make it, well, so long.

  1. Seriously, when someone asks how your day has been how hard is it to ask back? It's not as if you need an imagination.
  2. What is one of your lifetime ambitions?
  3. Is £25,000 too much to ask?


  1. 1. A friend from Paris once said in a conversation you should always reply with the same amount or more information by about 2 sentences as the previous answer, until it gets into a natural flow. And I think he was right. Conversations where people reply in monosyllables are as annoying as those where people talk forever.
    2. My lifetime ambition(s) is/are to: become a famous novelist and political activist, and become one of the few people, including Winston Churchill, to win two Nobel prizes (most likely the Nobel prizes for Peace and Literature), and be described on Wikipedia as a "polymath".
    3. Yes.

  2. Oh, and by the way, your blog is definitely not boring. Most of the time. Only joking! (to the second sentence, not the first...)


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