Saturday, 5 September 2009

Keeping it real...

I feel like a real youthworker now. Thursday I had my first-ever, real, actual, youth event. It was only a pizza night but it was still something. So, you've heard it here first (well, probably not) I'm an official, bona fide part-time youth worker. The night went well. There were a few problems. We bought copious amounts of pizza, only for three people not to turn up and two to decide they weren't actually hungry. So not all if it were eaten (but two families did get a pizza home with them).

There were some issues that I thought may arise, and did. For instance, most the families that the children come from are quite well off, and haven't been too hard hit by the recession. So, as I suspected they had a 'money-is-no-object' sort of view on things and weren't to sympathetic towards some of the others weren't so fortunate. I knew this may have been a potential problem from the outset (just as the New York docking procedures may have been a potential problem for the HMS Titanic), but now I know I have to be a bit more wary. Also, the vast difference in Bible knowledge that some of the guys have. I don't know why I said guys, they're mostly girls.

I also learnt the blessing of having a volunteer to watch my back. Erica has the God-given gift of maintaining situations and not letting anything get out of control. So I'm very thankful for that.

Today is Shameless Saturday on Stuff Christians like, so if you so wish, plug yourself over there.

  1. What is your favourite Pizza topping?
  2. What blessings have you been made more aware of in your life?

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