Friday, 4 September 2009


I had one of those patronise-the-newer-Christian moments the other day. I just can't help myself. 'So naive, so innocent, not worn by the race. Not like me, bless 'em.' I thought to myself. Having been a Christian most my life I like to see myself as somewhat spiritually mature. I'm no Oswald Chambers, but I'm getting there. So when I read something someone had posted on my girlfriend's facebook wall I relished in the opportunity of being able to say 'as a mature Christian, I wouldn't have written that.' The phrase that got my grumpy-old Christian self rearing its ugly head was 'spiritually fat'. It is a part of the Christian lingo that really gets on my goat, that with 'backslidden', 'fallen away', 'we invite the Lord'. Who comes up with these?*

But, back to spiritually fat. First, with rising obesity it doesn't conjure a good image. All it conjures for me is Liza Minnelli singing about fat little pastors in Cabaret. And I don't think it should conjure a good image. I think spiritually fat people creates unhealthy churches. People come in, gorge themselves on spiritual food, and go away not exercising any of it off. So you just end up with a church of obese attendees and a few emaciated individuals that are serving everyone.

  1. What phrases that Christians use annoy you?
  2. Is being spiritually fat a good or bad thing?
*yes I know 'fallen away' appears in the Bible, but is not used with the same derision.


  1. The concept of lifting someone up to the Lord irritates me. I mean, if it was so easy to reach him just by lifting someone up - do you not think they'd have gone up by themselves already?

  2. I love this. It's a really good image and would make a good sermon!

    I don't think it's always bad to use it though. Like most things, it all depends on who uses it, where and why!

  3. The phrase "we're just going to pray before we start" or any kind of "lets just pray" really ticks me off. We're talking to the Creator here. God. It's not an "I'll just go and put the kettle on" kind of thing. I love quick prayers and the idea that God always wants us to talk to him (and listen, but that's a whole other cup of cake) but let's do it in a way that gives Him the glory rather than something that sounds like an after thought.
    Also, "spiritually fat"? What?

  4. 'Fat' wasn't the right word to use, but I liked the comment in general. People showing love and interest is brilliant, even if they do use interesting lingo. And after all, it takes all sorts.


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