Thursday, 30 May 2013

Under the influence

Naomi asked for questions to inspire her blog. I asked her, "What has God taught you in the last year?", and she answers it here. I stole her idea and she helped me by asking two questions. The first was, "Who, apart from Jesus, has influenced you the most?"

So, in no particular order...


Jimbo, Bemrose, Jimbob, Jamesyboy. He's been a massive influence in my life. Mainly because of his remarkable ability to make me realise when I've been an idiot whilst also making it a positive experience. He's mentored me and definitely given me opportunities to grow my leadership gifts. He's also taught me how to ask good questions that make people think. We used to meet up about once a fortnight and hang out in a café, where he'd ask me all sorts of questions and give me an opportunity to voice and work through many different issues. That process has definitely shaped me and my view of church and Christian living.  He introduced me to different Christian writers and speakers, especially Tim Chester.

He's also a remarkably positive person and takes an interest in people's gifts and talents and encourages them to use them for God. Another thing is that he is very genuine and honest. He's a good guy.


Dunc the Hunk, Bradders. This guy is just awesome. There is so much I admire about him, but what I appreciate the most is what a good friend he his. He is definitely one of my closest friends and he knows a worrying amount of embarrassing stories about me. I have definitely experienced what Proverbs 27:17 speaks of when it says, 'As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.' He has

  • introduced me to WEC camps
  • encouraged my love of the Bible
  • given me a love of comic book movies.


As you can probably tell, he's my twin. He's been a best-friend, a rebuker, a pain, a joker and a major influence. This was especially true of our teen years where we spent pretty much all day every day together. We were in most of the same classes and did the same things. In recent years, as he got himself a wife and a child, we don't talk as much as we used to and I think we have definitely grown to be very individual. But, when we're together, we still end up doing "the twin thing", where we make jokes that no one else gets, laugh when no one else laughs and chat about things others don't understand.

My mum and dad
They've taught me loads and if it wasn't for them, I would not love Jesus. They have been advice givers, shoulders to cry on, shapers, moulders, teachers, and friends.

Other shout outs
There are, of course, loads of others that have influenced me throughout the years. They include
  • Hannah N, for being the influence that led to me becoming a youth worker;
  • Will G, who was my student pastor and did a very good job of it;
  • Denise, who was my youth worker;
  • Andy D, who inspires me with his amazing work ethic;
  • C.S. Lewis, with his apologetics;
  • My Granddad;
  • Naomi, for inspiring this post.
Quick Questions
  • Who has influenced you?
  • In the last photo, which is me?

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