Saturday, 4 May 2013


This summer, I am travelling to South East Asia. I'm going with WEC. WEC is a missionary organisation and I'm going on one of their WEC Trek missions.

I'm excited to go. I have not, however, enjoyed all the preparation I've had to do: particularly the jabs. My body hates them. I don't think it's me; I can watch them go in and everything. It's just that afterwards my body decides it needs to shut down and reboot, like those annoying automatic updates in Windows.

The first set I got done (Hep B/Typhoid combo and Hep C) didn't go well. I was happily chatting to the nurse and suddenly my eyes started twitching. That's when I knew my body was ready to shut down. I tried to tell the nurse I was feeling unwell, but instead uttered some gibberish and went completely rigid in my chair. The next thing I knew I was lying, drenched in sweat, on the floor of the doctors.

Feeling unable to walk home, I phoned the Bemroses and James gave me a lift back. What a hero. He did tease me for it though.

I'm glad to say that the last two jabs were far more successful. I feel less like a little girl and more like a mature adult male as a result.

I'm hopefully going to be posting more updates about my Trek and my thoughts and questions I have about mission, specifically short-term trips.

Quick Questions
How well do you cope with jabs?
Have you been on any mission trips?
What tips for travelling to you have?

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