Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The bigger picture

Last weekend, I went to Bulstrode, which is the UK headquarters for WEC international. There was a small group of about 12 of us sat in a lounge area talking and praying. I looked out the window and saw a red kite fly past. A few moments later, the red kite flew past again then disappeared. It was plain to see: it was level with the window and less than 100 feet away. However, I was surprised to discover that I was the only one who had seen the kite. I was the only one with the unique perspective from my seat and the personality that meant I would be gazing outside at the moment the bird flew past.

Quite often we see the world and Christian living from our own unique perspectives. My perspective definitely influences how I approach the Bible and what I get out of it. What is worrying, however, is how often I judge people when they don't see things from my perspective.

In terms of what my relationship with God looks like, I'm very Father focused. I often see thing in terms of glorifying God the Father and living in obedience to him. I would easily justify this through the verses that talk about how everything Jesus did was to glorify God. I know people who are more Jesus focussed. They would, perhaps, say that you can't be a Christian without Christ. I know that I have been frustrated with people who have seen Christian life in such a way.

Going back to the kite analogy, how ridiculous would it be if I was to say, "How stupid are these people for not seeing the kite? It was as plain as day!" (This would be all the more ironic as they were concentrating on praying, like I should have been, when I was watching a bird outside the window.) However, this is precisely how I think sometimes when it comes to approaching being a Christian. Either way of relating to God is correct. Both ways, however, miss the full picture: but that's okay. God made us to live in a community of believers who each have their different perspectives so we can remind one another of them. Moreover, God is so vast and unfathomable that we're never going to see the full picture.

So, when you're finding it difficult to agree with someone, try and think whether this is God giving you an opportunity to see the bigger picture.

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