Thursday, 21 June 2012

The end is nigh

As I wrote a while back, I have been offered a place to do a PGCE in September. This means that I will be stepping down as youth worker at my church. I will still be very much involved in Exilio and Mosaic, but due to the intensity of the course I won't be able to commit to working with the teens. My last youth group will be on 20th July. I'll probably cry.

I'm going to write a post about my three years as youth worker, but if you have any questions for me please write them below. This could be about what I've done, what I've enjoyed or the next steps.

Also, another thing is, do I change the name of my blog and the url? If I'm no longer a youth worker do I need to rebrand, or hang up my blogging hat?


  1. I suppose you would be working with "youth" when you're a teacher... but you're probably not allowed to call them that.

    You should keep writing. It's interesting to read your thoughts, interpretations and musings. But could you use a sharper/darker text colour, please? :o)

    Questions... hmmm: You are to give one "do", one "don't and one "I always wanted to try this...", about the group/the job to the person who continues in your place. What are they?

  2. What have you most enjoyed teaching to your youth? And learning from your youth?


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