Saturday, 14 April 2012



It's sometime quite hard trying to explain to non-Christians why you are leading life the way you are. One of the things that non-Christians seem baffled by at the moment is my university applications. When I told friends and colleagues that Southampton University had rejected my many applications, the all asked, "So where else have you applied?" The answer was, "Nowhere." They all gave me a look like I wasn't being serious. I'd explain it away, saying something like, "I really don't want to have to move again" or something.They would sometimes ask, "not even Winchester?" Which, according to the sign above, is about 11 miles away from Southampton.

However, I feel like God wants me in Southampton. He wants me in this city which is only famous for a sinking ship. Southampton is sometimes beautiful, but sometimes ugly and in need of God's grace. Around the corner from where I live a burnt body was found. It was a young man, a year younger than me, and he had be killed and put in an industrial bin. That same industrial estate is also Southampton's red light district.

This is the city I love. I'm glad I live here. I love being a part of this city and I love being in Exilio and Mosaic. Here are some photos of good old Soton.


Quick Questions

Where do you live? Do you love it?
What is where you live famous for?
Where do you feel called to live?


  1. I live in Manhattan, Kansas, USA. I do NOT love it. I don't hate it like [town I grew up in], but I don't love it either.

    It's famous for having Kansas State University. That's pretty much it, I think.

    I've never really felt "called" to live in a particular place. (And, trust me, I've asked.) Is that weird?

    1. I think it's probably more unusual to be "called" to a particular place.


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