Friday, 6 April 2012

Post holiday blues

This week I have been on holiday (which reminds me, the Israel holiday remains incomplete). It was lovely. It was fun. It was restful.

I went to Edale in a group of 20 - some old friends, some new - and stayed in a remote bunk house. The house was lovely and the company was great. It snowed Tuesday night, and there was more snow than a Southerner like me thought possible. We found some drifts that were over 4 ft deep. So the natural thing to do was to jump in them.

It was such a beautiful place, and it was amazing to have the opportunity to revel in God's creation. There was amazing fellowship, as everyone were Christians. It was also a very welcome break from what had been going on at home.

For the last 3 months or so I have not been sleeping well. Two nights of full sleep would count as a good week. It's probably due to anxiety about future plans: the medical degree didn't work out and the PGCE seems uncertain. Since going on holiday I have managed to sleep through every night and haven't really thought about the future.

It is slowly dawning on me that I have to return to these worries and sleepless nights (I'm not even home yet, this is being written in Victoria Coach Station). I also checked my emails on the coach and there was enough in my inbox to make me want to hand in my notice, leave Exilio and emigrate to a isolated Indonesian island. It seems like the sense of God's peace, providence and faithfulness is quickly forgotten.

Quick questions
(please answer, it'd be nice to know!)

How do you cling onto the holiday feeling?
What does post holiday blues look like for you?
How do you manage it?

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  1. This probably doesn't help but compared to how I was 2 years ago I feel like I'm on holiday all the time now...and yet I still ache to be as busy, productive and needed as I was back at St Mike's.

    For me I have to work out whether I'm feeling stressed because what I'm doing is not God's plan for me, or whether I'm just focussing on the negatives and the future rather than seeing the opportunities that God has given me for TODAY. I know how tough it can be though when you're future is all up in the air...been there and done that!


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