Monday, 5 December 2011

Advent Calendar: Day 5

This year I thought I would give you all a digital Advent Calendar! Each day in December, come along and see what's been put up. Some days will be thought provoking. Some will be to bring you joy. Some will be just silly.

Day 5

Quick Questions>
  1. What surprised you about this retelling of the nativity?

1 comment:

  1. It's really good to be reminded of the grot, grime and difficulties of the birth of Christ. It makes it more amazing. It inspires me that Jesus came into this world that way and that they were refugees, subject to scorn. It makes it more miraculous and really shows how Christ was born into our world. He truly does understand us when he lived such a hard life. It wasn't serene at all. I doubt Mary was as serene or happy looking during all she went through as woman you see on Christmas cards where cute little donkies look on all doe eyed. It would have been messy and scary. But praise God! What an absolutly awesome thing He has done.


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