Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mark 4

Mark 4 is filled with Parables, that almost sound like riddles. For the first one, The Parable of the Sower, we helpfully get the study notes. It's about how sometimes the Gospel falls on deaf ears. It's both encouraging and true, that often people don't respond to what you say, or appear to and then get withered by the sun. There is hope, still, in verse 8. The seed that does take root produces a crop of multiplication.

The other parables didn't come with the York Study Notes provided, but fortunately I have the NIV mahussive Bible with all the answers. The Growing Seed Parable shows how the Gospel has it's own power and agency. God's Kingdom comes to fruition at the end, symbolised by the harvest. The next parable shows how God's Kingdom can grow exponentially from something seemingly insignificant.

Jesus constantly says, "If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear." I think this should be a pray that we Christians repeat again and again, whilst sower generously and relying on the power of the Gospel.

When then leave the Parables for Jesus calming the storm. Here the poor disciples seem to get told off for asking Jesus for help. Mind you, Jesus was probably exhausted and was accused of being uncaring. He calms the storm and they ask "Who is this guy?" They don't seem to quick on the uptake, do they?

Quick Questions

  1. Why do you think Jesus used Parables? Is it something we don't do often enough?
  2. What did you think of Mark 4?
  3. Tenuous link? I didn't even explain it did I?

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