Saturday, 1 October 2011

September Round Up

For once, this month's round up doesn't feature the Guardian. Instead, it seems, we're looking at the Beeb for news. The BBC was accused of being over zealous with their political correctness, just because old Paxman said CE instead of AD. Then the BBC told us that it doesn't actually have any guidelines on the subject, and everyone can just do what they want.

The BBC Heart and Soul radio programme had an episode on the relationship between a group of Christians with the homosexuals in Chicago. The BBC magazine published an article about it.

Christians at a Gay Pride Parade

Quite often as a youth worker, I feel my job is to make the most unlikely things happen (lives be transformed, teens putting God before relationships, etc.). This Resurgence article reminded me that this view was all wrong. With God involved, this things are the most likely things to be happening.

My brother has been in Palestine for nearly a month now. He has been blogging. Read it. It's far more fascinating than the life of a youth worker!

And lastly, from my old friends the Church Sofa, I give you this.

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