Monday, 22 August 2011

Building community the fun way...

//A month and a half ago two of our group got married. So, whilst on honeymoon we pranked their house. James wrote a post about it here.

Now, whilst the Bemroses were on holiday, they foolishly gave the keys to Erica so she could water the plants. Erica thought it was time to seek revenge. Reluctantly, I thought I would help her with this task.

If you ever see a welcome sign, be afraid...

We took the labels off their cans. As we thought it would be too mean to leave them not knowing what was in the cans, we created a colour code system using shiny stars.

We had hoped to print off the faces of everyone from Mosaic. However, only my face and Duncan's printed. We stuck them all around the house. I expect in years to come, they'll still be finding photos of us.

I don't think the Bemroses have realised the extent of our mischief. Here's a clue:

One final word:

Now I do realise that one day I will get my comeuppance. And it will be severe.

Quick Questions
  1. Have you ever played a prank?
  2. Have you ever had a prank played on you?


  1. Ah ha. Steph had reported no irregularities on the CD front... I shall check again, you bandits!

  2. God doesn't like lies...: "Reluctantly, I thought I would help her with this task." seems a bit far from the truth to me... and by far I mean like lightyears away,


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