Saturday, 23 July 2011

Lectio Divina

Yesterday I introduced my teens to a way to access the Bible and for it to inspire prayer. Okay, it isn't quite the same as Lectio Divina, but it was trying them to take a passage of the Bible and to contemplate it thoroughly and turn it into a source and inspiration for prayer.
Photo by George Bannister

I took a really nice passage from Psalm 25, and put it on a sheet where I broke it down into tiny segments. I gave them the instructions, the were to take those segments and write what it made them think of. Then we prayed, I read the passage, and we began writing. Afterwards, we prayed using what we had written on the sheet.

It's really good to take a small passage of Bible and just mull it over and think about how layered and significant the words are.

I've also noticed that WordLive has a Lectio section on its website (I get my readings by email). I'm probably going to try and use it once a week.

Quick Questions

  1. What strikes you about that passage?
  2. How does your Bible reading shape your prayer and vice versa?

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