Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Resource Wednesday

The second of the Resource Wednesday series. I'm doing well so far (mainly because I wrote this on the same day as the last one and scheduled it for two weeks time).

This week we'll take a brief look at The Resurgence website. It's a resource bank provided by Mars Hill Church (Seattle) and the Acts 29 network. It has loads of helpful posts about numerous topics, such as mission, being a Godly wife and Dead Guys.

I just love the amount of resources it has and the fact it has new things daily. It's primarily aimed at leaders (the site's motto is "We serve leaders"), but their definition of leaders is quite broad. This can include youth-leaders, leaders within the home or church leaders.

My only criticism is very hard to qualify and happens in only a tiny number of the articles. The site is American, and if you find people like Mark Driscoll grating, you'll probably find some of the articles grate with you too. It's not so much what they are trying to say, but the presentation of it.

It's quite a big site, with a lot of resources but to give you a flavour I'll pick out a small selection:

But be warned. Some of the stuff on this site is pretty challenging.

Quick Questions
  1. What sites do you use?
  2. Did you find the video about the Death of the Mushy Middle encouraging?
  3. Have you found any good pages on The Resurgence website?

1 comment:

  1. 1. My favourite websites are probably Wikipedia, Google, the Guardian, and my email accounts.

    2. I'm not sure I found it encouraging as I already held that opinion. Although it's nice to hear someone say what you already thought! I don't think there's ever been more than 30-40% of people who attended church in an active way, even in the Middle Ages.

    3. I liked the link on submission, and I agree with it. I haven't really done a search, but it'd also be great to see a parallel 'what authority isn't'. (There probably is one somewhere). The website looks really good. I've heard mixed things about Mars Hill, although it's undeniable that they have a passion to reach out, which is excellent.


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