Friday, 24 June 2011

Mosaic and Morris Dancers

Recently Mosaic has been getting to know it's neighbours. By that, I mean James and Steph's neighbours. First was through the Big Lunch, then last Sunday we washed their cars. Both seemed to involve water, mostly in the form of rain. The picture above was stolen from James' blog, who wrote about the Big Lunch in more detail (the photo was taken by me, so I have some right to nab it). It was good to see how these two things meant that neighbours who hardly spoke to each other had an opportunity to share their lives with one another.

Yesterday I went to The Guide Dog, a small country-pub-on-the-city place with my dad. When we got there we were confronted by stick weilding, bell jangling Morris Dancers. What was interesting is how the strange (and, in my opinion, slightly disturbing) sight bought people out their houses. So maybe James could consider that as Mosaic's next thing. It has a ring to it, the Mosaic Morris Dancers, doesn't it?

Quick Questions
  1. Do Morris Dancers scare you too?
  2. What things bring your community together?

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