Friday, 10 June 2011

Low standards

Perhaps my standards are a bit low, but the only criteria I have for a successful event is that no one died. As long as all the teens are returned to their parents alive then I've done my job and I've done it well. Some one cried? It doesn't matter, they're still alive. Someone really hurt themselves? Their vitals are fine, so it's all okay. They've all fallen out and none of them are going to come back? I don't care because they're not dead.

Ironically, it's probably because I'm a little bit neurotic. Whenever we go on trips or do something a little adventurous all I can think of is body bags. This was especially true this half-term. We took the older teens to PlayZone and one of them announced a few days before, "I'm really excited; although, the last time I went to PlayZone I dislocated my shoulder." From that moment I kept imagining her lifeless body in the ball pit after breaking her neck or something. Then there was the drive there and back. It was on a motorway. I was driving. It was a accident that should have happened, but fortunately didn't. They all survived. (One felt slightly sick, but that's okay.)

Then we had a picnic in the park, and with this latest E. coli outbreak, I was worried I'd poison my youth with unwashed grapes or something. Again, no one's died. One cried after bumping into one of the others, but it was still a successful event in my book.

With all this preoccupation over the hypothetical death of a teen, the relief I feel when they all get to see another day means that any other problems that happened seem insignificant. So, perhaps my neuroticism is a blessing in disguise.

Quick Questions

  1. Are you a neurotic individual?
  2. What irrational fears do you have?
  3. What was your worse experience on a trip (at school, with your family)?


  1. Hahaha...I love this post.

    I don't worry too much about groups because most of the ones I have to organise are adults and so if they die it's their own fault!

  2. P.S How is the bible in 90 days going?


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