Thursday, 5 May 2011

On holiday from God

The last three weeks or so, I've mostly been in holiday mode. I've had the Easter holidays and then the four day weekend, so I've mostly been lying in the sun in a local park. I've definitely been relaxing. There has been a bad side to this. For the last fortnight or so I've been finding I've also been taking a holiday from God.

I have definitely not been investing time in deepening my relationship with him and have been getting by doing the bare minimum. Having little structure to my days I've had little motivation to do anything except watch Doctor Who DVDs and sleep. This has meant that I've also had little motivation to spend time with God by reading the Bible and praying. Which is odd, because I seem to have quite a bit to pray about.

It's tough finding the perfect balance between work, play and time with God. It always seems time with God is the first thing to disappear from the list. Read this post from my friend Rachel about the other side of the coin.

On another side, I'm quite excited about what is happening in Mosaic at the moment, and will hopefully blog about it a bit more. Although, my internet is down so it might make things interesting (once again I'm currently in Trago lounge). We're currently going to be reading Acts and, being the class swot, that will inspire me to read my Bible a bit more.

Quick Questions
  1. How have you been making the most of the nice weather?
  2. Did you watch the Royal Wedding?
  3. What are you currently reading in the Bible (if you are)?
  4. What tips do you have for maintaining a healthy Bible reading habit?

1 comment:

  1. I find this too. I guess it's because it's a change of routine. It doesn't make sense though because we should have MORE time to spend with God!
    I try to make sure I always read my bible first thing...that way it doesn't get forgotten about in the busyness of the day and it's obvious if I'm putting something before God {e.g "Oh, I'll just read my novel for 30 mins and THEN I'll read the bible"}

    I am currently reading 2 Samuel, Psalms and 1 Chronicles. It's tough going!


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