Friday, 8 April 2011

Hung on the cross

Yesterday I wrote a post about Creative Prayer. As last night was a creative prayer session, I thought I'd go into more depth.

We watched the video below about the crucifixion and then read Isaiah 53.Some of the teenagers were really surprised by the fact that this was written hundreds of years before Jesus' death.

We then wrote confessions and put them into envelopes, so no one could read them, and hung them onto the peg cross. It was a really nice way to visually recognise how our sin was dealt with at the cross.

The evening went really well and it was really beneficial to have a space to reflect on the significance of the cross and what it means to us. It's so easy to forget the sacrifice that Jesus went through for us.


  1. Glad it went well. Creative prayer can be so helpful but it's sometimes hard to think of something good to do - this is a great idea.

  2. that's a really good idea!


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