Monday, 28 February 2011

Fairy Godmother God

In my effort to throw myself into everything Mosaic, I've been trying to find a place to live. Ideally, it would be in the student area of Southampton, bang between chez Bemrose and the Hub. I like to call the area I'm looking to move into "the triangle of joy".

However, my search has not been too successful and I've been getting quite frustrated. And then I give up and things don't get done. I'm trying to do something that I think God wants me to do. So, surely shouldn't it be really easy?

Mosaic have been looking a Nehemiah recently and a more extreme example of when doing God's work isn't necessarily easy. Nehemiah wants to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, which had been attacked, burnt and torn down. God gets Nehemiah to Jerusalem and the Israelites start to rebuild the walls. However, they face opposition. His struggles are bigger than mine. I'm a bit tired, and things seem a bit tedious. These Israelites were exhausted, they had threats of attack and they were being mocked. Rather than giving up, what does Nehemiah do? He ramps up the effort.

Nehemiah knows that God's work does not equate to easy work. In fact, it was rather the opposite. It's completely different from how I've been acting lately. I've fallen into this trap of thinking that God is like the Fairy Godmother. He comes in, waves a wand and says I can, indeed, go to the ball. And when it doesn't happen like that I get frustrated.

So maybe it's time I ramped up the effort.

Quick Questions

  1. What is frustrating you at the moment?
  2. How are you guilty of treating God like a Fairy Godmother?

1 comment:

  1. 1. There's quite a few things frustrating me at the moment. I'm looking for a job, and just really wish it would fall into my lap. I even typed into Google 'a job for Stephen'. I'm also frustrated by the asylum system in the UK.

    2. Expecting God to end my frustrations. Also, expecting God to miraculously make me an amazing, perfect Christian every time I pray that God might change me.


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