Tuesday, 25 January 2011


The main, if not only, reason I went into youth work was that I assumed I'd have an army of minions that I could get to whatever whim popped into my head. "Minion! Wash my car!" "You boy, fill in my tax return." Unfortunately, something went wrong in my plan, I ended up a reformed man and actually trying to encourage the teenagers that I work with.

However, James grasped the first opportunity to abuse his position of power as clan leader and forced the rest of us into hard manual labour. For the whole of the weekend we were made to move furniture, paint and paper walls, sand... It was like something out of a Dickensian novel. Some of us are still recovering from the ordeal.

Irony over. It was actually a really good opportunity to get together as a group, grow that real sense of community in the group and get to know one another. I learnt various things: white spirit is Steph's best friend when redecorating, it takes Duncan three months to notice things that other people notice straight away and I'm very good at holding things but not doing much else. Despite tiredness, colds and general life stress we did a pretty good job (we did notice that we had missed the sides of some cupboard doors).

Hopefully the Bemroses feel really blessed by our efforts.

Quick Questions
  1. Have you been blessed by anyone recently?
  2. What have you done to bless someone else?
  3. What do you think of the colour scheme?


  1. Doh! Our cover has been blown now Smead! ;-)

  2. 1.I've had offers of help for fund raising.
    2.I read a certain blog and commented.
    3. Lovin it! - but not the white edges of doors...random! lol.

  3. 1. I have been blessed by gifts and prayers from lovely friends.

    2. Meep...I led my homegroup study last night at short notice? Not sure if that counts.

    3. I love the colours.

    P.S Hope you don't mind me stealing your quick question idea


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