Tuesday, 11 January 2011

God loves those who beat you

Three of us from Mosaic went to the Trago Lounge quiz. Unfortunately, it didn't go too well. There were a lot of sport and pop questions. Now, I have as much chance of attaining any sporting accomplishments as the Queen Mother and my music knowledge died with Chopin. I wasn't much help. The others of my team were marginally better than I was. There was some confusion between Sandra Bullock and Dick Van Dyke, but we'll let that slide. Our score reflected our general lack of knowledge and we ended up second from bottom.

What made it worse was that the table next to us were doing quite well and they were pretty open about it. In fact, it could firmly be categorised as gratuitous. They would whoop and high-five at every answer they obtained (which was quite a few). It made me think some ugly thoughts. I had remind myself that God loves show offs as much as us losers. I had to remind myself that I had been given the free gift of grace and I deserved it no more than they did. I had to remind myself a few times, especially before I went to throw my drink in their faces.

And when that didn't work I just thought of this verse.

Quick Questions
  1. Who really tries your patience? (I'm really setting myself up here.)
  2. How do you deal with it?
  3. Would you join our quiz team? We need the help.


  1. I'm too polite. If someone annoys me I don't say anything normally!
    Not always the best way to deal with a problem!

    Love the blog design. I normally read through googlereader so I haven't seen it before.

  2. 1. There's one person in my Arabic class who seems to have poor social skills. She always asks silly questions and talks over others. I react like any good Englishman. I tut and look despairingly at my fellow classmates.

    3. I think there might be a reason for (y)our relatively successful score in December and your score this time. Hmm...

    4. I like your new layout too. It's like a kaleidoscope of joy.


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