Monday, 23 August 2010

Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor has ended for another year and after ten days of camping I got back home feeling a bit like David after Dentist. I still feel a bit off and have a bit of the sniffles but other than that I'm great.

It was really nice to be back at Soul Survivor this year. I hadn't been for the last two or three years and I've really missed it. I think it was good to have a break though, because by my fourth consecutive year all the seminars were the same as previous yeas. However, all the material was fresh and new this year and it was really good to have some good, hard-core teaching. The Orr-Erwings were awesome, as was Fuzz Kitto (that's his real name, he changed it by deed poll) and Mike Pilavachi. With the SoulNet stream for youthworkers we got free tea and croissants.

Also, there was a strong sense of group cohesion and it was nice that other people that we met there felt able to come and hang out in our camp. I've made some new friends that hopefully I will keep in contact with.

Week C was awesome too. The first-aid wasn't as busy as I thought it'd be (and by all accounts, as busy as Week B), so I spent a lot of time cleaning the medical centre. I did obviously treat some patients, but it'd be wrong to post the details here. Team Foxtrot were all really cool and the atmosphere in the group was really nice.

None of my worse fears were realised, no one got poisoned and I had no open fractures to deal with. It was a really good ten days and I'm looking forward to returning next year.

Quick Questions
  1. Is this real life? Why is this happening to me? 
  2. Have you been to any Christian camps? Did you enjoy them?
  3. Do you listen to any speakers etc. online? (I'd like to know so maybe I could hack into your resources!)

1 comment:

  1. 1. Je pense donc je suis.
    2. Ja, with you. And yes, I did enjoy them and I have been missing not going for the last few years.
    3. I have listened to some speakers online but I can't remember where I found them, so alas, I'm not of much use there.
    4. Update, please.


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