Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Road Trip

I work in the office with Louisa, and today we had a road trip. We cranked up the volume, listening to Stereophonics (it was either that or Lazy Town tunes), as we made our way to the mysterious Lok'n'Store. I've always thought of the Lok'n'Store as some sort of Tardis, but alas, my illusion has been dashed. Due to an effective layout, it is possible to fit a ridiculous amount of storage units in a building. It is certainly not smaller on the outside than the inside. So, the three most important things I have learnt in the past few weeks were:
  1. Lok'n'Store is not like the tardis;
  2. Refresher bars are 10p, so they are inexpensive treats you can give to your youth;
  3. BUT refresher bars are thicker than 5mm so it will cost you a further 50p to post them to your youth.

Questions for readers (so, comment people)

  1. Lazy Town or Stereophonics?
  2. What is the best road-trip music?
  3. Have you learnt anything valuable in the last 3 weeks?


  1. Ooh. So now the comment thing works here. That's good.

    1. Clearly Stereophonics.
    2. All cds left in cars automatically transform in to best of Queen albums.
    3. I get UCB Word for Today by e-mail and today's was: If you want to succeed - prepare well! "Any enterprise ...is built by wise planning, becomes strong." Proverbs 24:3. I like this. I'm starting a new job in a few weeks and am trying to do as much preparing for it as I can.

  2. Also, find Cash & Carry is your friend. Uber bribery there.

  3. 1. Stereophonics
    2. I don't know yet, although Stereophonics isn't bad.
    3. Corporate punishment is fun. For the teacher. Some classes/students aren't going to learn even if you plug them into the Matrix and install English into them. Students can often surprise you with their capacity to be lazy one day and then the perfect student the next.

  4. We have learnt that you shouldn't refuse to serve a non-heated up a bacon roll scottish woman in Marks and Spencer's because otherwise she will shout and throw her tray full of food at you.

    A very important lesson.


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