Sunday, 23 August 2009

Jesus is a friend of mine

This week was quite uneventful. I did go on a roadtrip with my head Pastor and did drink a milkshake I was sure was off. However, we didn't have the roadtrip tunes like last time. Louisa abandoned me this week, so I did a lot of my work at home.

Anyway, I found this.

What more can you want from a music video? A man with flawless skin and perfect teeth, a puppet-like keyboardist and lyrics that include '[Jesus] is like a mountie, he always gets his man'. It's like Calvin meets, oh who am I kidding, I know nothing about modern music. But I did discover that Christian Ska has its own wikipedia page. The best bit of the video, though, has to be at 0:02 seconds. The presenter with the comb-over/toupee has such a scared look on his face. Not surprising.

Questions for you
  1. What other Christian music makes you cringe? (Perhaps, this as a suggestion?)
  2. What is your favourite worship band/singer (other than Sonseed, of course)?


  1. Douggie Doug Doug doesn't precisely make me cringe, but it is irritatingly addictive and every so often choruses pop in to my head and they take ages to get out.

    My favourite worship singer/band at the moment is more tricky, we were at Soul Survivor last week and they had a 17 year old from New Zealand and a 15 year old from SS Watford leading worship. Both were great, and sets a great example of the encouragement that Paul gave to Timothy as he was starting his leadership journey.

    PS I'm doing a blog post now :)

  2. Also, that they are really very aware of the "fame" surrounding the well known worship leaders, that sometimes that distracts from where the glory should be going.


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